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My friend Linda loves her sex and knows how to get what she wants. She shared a story with me that was so hot, I had to share it with you. She has so much fun she now has two books..Linda, Linda, Linda! You are one fun woman.  
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Sex is my hobby 

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“You gonna dance tonight?”

I can’t hear shit over this music but I think he said something about dance. “What?”

“I said are you going to dance on the pole tonight?”

Looking at him I have to smile, he never gets enough. We’ve been married six years and he still looks at me with lust in his eyes, desires for me to be naked and tells me I’m the most beautiful woman he ever knew. Sometimes it feels like bullshit he is slinging just to get laid, but after this long I think he honestly means it, at least most of the time.

The pole stands alone and erect as a few people move around the dance floor in various stages of dance/sex gyrations. I do love the pole, but not yet.

“Later baby, I need another drink.” I really don’t, it just gives me the ability to throw off any inhibition and enter into the playground around me. My loving husband Jason and I have been coming to “Time Out” for over a year; long enough to feel familiar with all that can take place in a “on premise” sex club. We moved into the lifestyle slowly with a couple trips to Jamaica where we met people who liked to live a sexually open life. Then we found places closer to home, but still far enough away to feel comfortable. The “on premise” clubs offer the ability to have sexual fun with others without having to leave the club and find a room someplace. We like the conveniences of doing what we want to do where we want to do it. We do most of our playing out of town to avoid running into people we may know, nevertheless if we run into people we know when we’re at the sex club, it’s obvious they’re into the same thing. It just seems better and safer if it is out of town.

“Here Linda my love, just for you.” Jason hands me a drink and smiles. In all honesty, he’d do almost anything for me and I do appreciate his attentiveness. When we married six years ago, he’d just finished his MBA and started a carrier. Now an executive in marketing, he is a well established 32 year old who can talk me into about anything and make me think it is my idea. Somehow, I always seem to be the one who acts crazy and wild, but it’s my Jason who gets me into it. Well, most of the time.

In all honesty, sex is one of the great hobbies we share; one we pursue actively both at home and away. Our sex life together is fantastic but the fun also comes when we play around like we’re now doing at “Time Out.”

“Time Out” is a club in Atlantic City that features great music, intimate atmosphere, a great hot tub and several private rooms to pursue fantasy. The dance floor is the calmest location in the club until later at night when people decide to dance and fuck at the same time. Early in the evening, it’s truly just dance, with the female guest generally clothed in seductive outfits going along with the clubs ambiance.

My little outfit tonight is a short red dress cut down the front to my navel and down the back to my ass. Doesn’t cover much, but what the hell, it probably won’t be on long anyhow. I work hard on my physical features and love to show them when I can. Jason, my greatest fan club, encourages me to show off whenever and wherever I’m able. At 31, I pride myself on a tight ass, solid back, full breast and flat stomach. I may have the breast increased someday although Jason says they’re perfect, so for now I’ll leave well enough alone.

Turning away from the bar, I notice I’ve attracted some attention from the man sitting next to me. He’s explored as much of my body as he can with his eyes, but why not, this is a sex club.

“You really look great in that dress.” He shoots out his opening line, “My name is Chris.”

“Hi Chris, I’m Linda. Thanks for the compliment.”

“The dress is only as good as the woman in it.”

Oh, the man does have some lines to feed me. Keep them coming, I love to be wooed. He’s alone at the bar, so if we hook up there probably won’t be a woman tonight. I’m bisexual and honestly, if a woman is in the mix I do find myself buried in her pussy more than sucking dick. I just love pussy.

Leaning close to him so he can observe my breast also have nipples, I ask him, “Have you met my husband?”

That’s always a line I throw out to see if a guy is a player or a flirt. Chris is a player.

“I haven’t met him but I did see you two here together. Mind if I lean over you and introduce myself?”

Smoooooth. He places his hand on my bare back, brushes my breast as he extends his hand to Jason and smiles warmly, “Hi, I’m Chris. I understand you’re the lucky man who’s married to this beautiful woman.”

My husband beams, he just loves it when somebody says I’m beautiful. “I’m Jason, good to meet you Chris and you’re right, I am the lucky man with Linda. You from around here?”

Chris retrieves his hand, brushing once more over my breast but this time “accidently” catching the edge of the dress and pulling it back thus exposing my right breast. “Oh sorry Linda, caught it by accident.” The look in his eye and the look in my eye catch each other, both silently saying “bullshit.”

“No, I’m from Charlotte, North Carolina. Just in town for a meeting and then back home tomorrow. How about you two? From around here?”

As he leans in to hear the response, his hand just happens to slide down my back and rest just above my ass. I guess he needs leverage to keep his balance.

I take a sip of my drink and smile, “From New York. Just here for the night.”

Turning a little toward Chris, my position makes it difficult to keep his hand on my ass, not that I mind, but I do like to feel in control. Unfortunately, my move also spreads the front of my dress so now his hand is off my ass but his eyes are fully exploring my slightly cover tits. Hey, if you wear a dress like this, you take your chances. I observe Chris as he is mapping out my tits. He’s probably in his mid thirties, blonde hair, not a bad build and has blue eyes just like my husband. Damn, I’m a sucker for blue eyes. As I’m making my “Chris” evaluation, I feel Jason’s hand on my back slipping down to the place recently vacated by Chris. This is one of the things that really turns me on when we’re playing. I love to be the center of attention between two men who both want to strip me naked and fuck me. It’s a power play because I know I have them in my net and can play it for all it’s worth.

Jason will hook up with other women when we’re on the prowl, but he mainly likes playing with me as the bate and other men as the catch. He just loves to watch me be appreciated by other men. I know that’s a little strange and a lot of men couldn’t handle that level of competition, nevertheless it works for us and after all, it is our hobby.

Sitting up a little straighter, the dress comes together leaving Chris on the wrong side of the material. “You married Chris?” I ask as I take another sip of my drink.

“I was, but not anymore.”

I wonder if he became single about five minutes ago, but decide it’s just not my problem. Jason leans in to my ear and tells me he is going to the men’s room. That’s my signal to decide if I want to pursue Chris or move on to other fun toys we may find. My husband and I have an agreement that if I don’t like what I see, when he comes back I will go to the ladies room and then he’ll meet me there. If I like what I see, then I’ll stay at the bar.

Turning to Chris, I cross my leg, pulling the dress up so it ends just above my pussy. Chris smiles as he places his hand on my knee, “You have great legs Linda, you must be a workout woman at the gym.”

“Thanks Chris, I do my share of palliates. Got to stay in shape if you want to wear dresses like this.”

Chris slides his hand up my leg and then down to the knee. “It feels like all the work has paid off.” I think I like Chris.

Leaning forward, I uncross my legs and whisper. “ The inner thigh is the hardest muscle to work on, but I do my best.”

Chris has taken the bait. He moves his hand up my leg, under the dress and as I spread my legs ever so slightly, he makes contact with my now very warm pussy.

 “I was right about two things.” He says quietly as he runs his finger slowly up the folds of my pussy lips. “Linda wears no panties and Linda is very smooth shaven. I do love it when I’m right.”

As he slips his finger into my now wet vagina, I make a decision. My net has a catch and for tonight, Chris is mine.

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