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My greatest exotic memories in Southern Florida are all on yachts in the Atlantic. My book, Carpe Diem,which means "seize the day”, is a story of a friend of mine who found romance and sexual passion that transformed her life. Chapter one is a sample of how her journey begins, but a far cry from how it ends.

Carpe Diem — an erotic book by J

Chapter 1


           The computer screen taunted Sandy as she felt the pangs of desire move through her body settling mainly between her legs. It was warm in her apartment yet she knew the perspiration between her breasts wasn’t from the furnace; at least not the one in the basement of her apartment building.

The hollow light of the Internet video flooded the space as she watched the sexual equipment on the well-hung male became larger before her eyes. The cause of this transformation was mainly from the concerted effort of a big-breasted blonde female kneeling and sucking on his manhood. Sandy felt her pulse quicken as his  gleaming, wet, steel rod appeared on her screen. Rubbing the perspiration from her forehead, she watched as her Stud Man took the blonde and threw her on the bed. Sandy’s breathing became shorter as Stud Man aggressively pulled the blonde’s legs apart and stood over her naked body stroking his huge dick.

“That thing is enormous,” Sandy muttered, quickly looking around to be sure nobody heard her. It was a stupid move; her only sex partner tonight was the flashing computer screen that mocked her empty life with putrid fantasy. Feeling a sense of futility, she reached to turn off the program just as Stud Man began to push his enormous rod into the blonde’s glistening pussy. Hesitating, Sandy waited to see if he could actually get it inside the small opening presented by the blonde. The camera moved closer to the action, while Sandy’s hands moved from her laptop to her lap. Spreading her legs, she began to touch the flimsy material confining her now screaming pussy.

The camera closed in on his steel-hard dick as it began to penetrate the female’s folds of skin. Pulling out, his dick now glistening with the wetness of the blonde’s deepest recesses, Stud Man spread her lips further apart and then pushed in deeper and deeper.

Sandy felt the cloth under her fingers become moist as she rubbed a little harder. Sliding them aside, she spread her own wet lips and slowly began to run her fingers up and down the slick, hot space demanding her attention. The blonde pulled her legs further back as stud man penetrated her with the full extension of his massive erection, forcing Sandy to push into her own beckoning vagina. Unable to reach deep, she stood, pulled off her underpants, sat down in the chair and spread her leg on each side of the computer screen. The flashing strobes of light flickered on her naked garden of pleasure as her fingers danced over the sensitive places that sent electricity through her body. Using her free hand, she pulled her T-shirt over her head, threw it off and began to message her breast, pushing deeper into her throbbing vagina.

Stud Man now turned the blonde over, positioning her ass in the air. Spreading her cheeks, he rubbed his huge dick on her quivering vagina and then shoved into her violently. Increasing his tempo, the blonde’s tits began to sway with the impact of his fucking, as Sandy pushed inside into her own playground. Feeling her fingers getting wetter, she dove deeper trying to maintain the same rhythm as Stud Man. Releasing her breast, she moved her free hand to her clit and exposed it to her touch, discovering it was very hard and very needy.

Stud Man continued to slam away at the blonde who was definitely in the throws of orgasmic delight. Sandy pulled her legs back, frantically rubbing her pulsating clit. She felt pressure inside her build until she sensed splattering on her legs and ass. Her garden of pleasure was about to become a river of orgasm that would soak her body and floor; she chose to ignore the outpouring of her passion.

Stud Man was sweating and banging harder as Sandy felt the growing pangs of orgasm build in her groin. “Hurry up,” she groaned, trying to hang on to her climax until Stud Man came. At last he pulled out, turned the blond over, and rapidly stroked his erection over her bulging tits. Sandy grabbed her pussy, jammed her fingers deep inside, and frantically rubbed her clit until at last she and Stud man both ejaculated into the world around them. While his load fell on the naked breasts of the blonde, Sandy’s fell into a large puddle below her chair as it ran down her ass like a river. Leaning back she slowly brought her feet to the floor trying to avoid the wetness below. It didn’t happen often, but when she was overly horny, she became a waterfall that would soak everything around her.

Walking to the kitchen, Sandy glanced at her naked reflection in the mirror. Things had improved over the last two years. She no longer cringed at the woman in the mirror who’d somehow grown into a rapidly aging, overweight, divorce-ravaged victim. She’d vowed to recover her lost self and two years of therapy, dieting, gym workouts, and freedom from the piece of shit known as her ex-husband had contributed to the woman she now viewed before her. At forty-two she’d regained her waistline coupled with trim hips, nicely rounded ass, and well-proportioned, natural breasts. She wished her tummy was muscular but settled with the fact that it was soft yet flat, an okay exception at her age. Her dark hair was a return to her pre-blonde days, and she liked how it framed her green eyes. Thinking about the blonde in the video, she was happy she’d returned to her natural dark color.

Turning from the mirror, she journeyed into the kitchen, picked up the role of paper towels, and then headed back to clean up her vaginal-river remains. Throwing the towel pieces on the floor, Sandy once again looked at her computer screen observing the other twenty-four videos offered, all of which provided a stimulus for those who needed to masturbate through their sexually-empty lives. Closing the laptop, she picked up her wet underwear and hastily discarded shirt. With a deep sigh she headed to her bed. As usual with her Internet sex parties, she felt even emptier at the end than she had at the beginning. For the millionth time, Sandy vowed she had to do something about her empty sex life. Turning out the light, she drifted into a discontented sleep.

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