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This fun time at Rooftop is one of my favorite memories. Let me share the first chapter with you so you’ll see how much fun everyone can have at this wonderful “Lifestyle” resort. 
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Chapter 1 - At The Rooftop    by  J 



The drop of perspiration ran down the back of Charlotte’s neck before plunging  between her shoulder blades. She felt it but chose not to move. The heat of the sun would dry the moisture, and it was just too hot to turn over. The sun was penetrating deep into her flesh, and she knew she’d pay the price for her lazy moment, especially on her naked ass that was not used to this much exposure.

For that matter, this weekend had all the indications it would produce a limelight to areas in her life not accustomed to this much disclosure. Not that she had regrets or felt victimized; she’d come here willingly with her eyes wide open. It was simply different when you’re living in the reality instead of living in the fantasy.

Letting out a long sigh, she finally rolled into a sitting position, feeling the small pool of perspiration trickle down her spine until it secured a resting place in the crack of her ass. Sensing the gentle breeze from the ocean, she stretched her body and once again regarded her new surroundings. Sitting six floors above the hot Florida pavement, the resort was an inviting and relaxing place to drop out of the reality of life. It was an older hotel refurbished to fit the new owner’s design. While rather plain and unobtrusive from the exterior, the interior had the atmosphere of a party. Vivid nudes on the lobby walls capped off a sign on the entrance stating, “Nude swimming is encouraged.” Rooftop Resort Hotel was pure fun.

Charlotte was now on the hotel’s top deck where new guests were seeking the early afternoon sun by rapidly occupying an area filled with chaise lounges.  While the bar in the corner provided both shade and refreshment, the huge pool was the main attraction on the Rooftop’s top deck. Skinny dipping on the roof of a building with the other guests in the hotel was definitely a different experience. It’s one thing to smile and be friendly, but when everything about you is out in the open, well that’s different. Charlotte perused her own body, realizing the places not generally exposed to the sun were showing a bit of redness.

“You okay, baby?” the voice next to her asked. Charlotte reached out, stroked the naked back of her friend and smiled. “I’m okay, but we’re both getting a little red. I’m going in the water for a minute and then heading to the bar. I think you should consider doing the same, Joey.”

Pulling her sunglasses down, Joey leaned on her elbows. “I think you’re right. I need a bathroom run, and then I’ll join you in the pool.” Setting  a baseball cap on her head, Joey rose from the lounge and stretched. “What time is it anyway?”

Charlotte looked at her watch and said, “Three forty-five. That’s two hours out here; it’s shade time.”

Standing, Joey looked around the pool in order to check out the local inhabitants. She ran her hand over her breast and down her belly. “Okay, Char, be right back.”

Charlotte watched Joey leave, once again admiring the muscular back which reflected months of working out in the gym. Joey wasn’t as tall as Charlotte’s five-seven frame, but her personality made her seem larger than life. With dark hair and beautiful green eyes, Joey was sexy, beautiful, and fun. Her taught body remained a vivid testimony to all the hard work they’d put forth getting into shape. Meeting during those grueling workouts at the gym, they’d slowly developed a strong, trusting friendship. The sexual part of their relationship developed as a gradual evolution, which had no actual beginning; just a series of moments weaving a pattern that beautifully fit together.

Charlotte smiled as she finally walked to the edge of the pool. One thing about being with Joey, you never knew where things would lead. Thus, here they were naked in Florida, not really knowing why but definitely believing life was good. With that thought, she dove into the pool feeling the heat of her flesh cry out in relief.

Standing in the water, she did a few stretches to get the blood flowing in her muscles. They’d promised each other to exercise while on vacation, but as of day two, they hadn’t even tried. She felt someone’s hands go around her, squeezing her breasts. Recognizing both the finger rings, and the breast pressing into her back, Charlotte leaned into Joey’s arms.

 “You feel good, Char,” Joey said as she wrapped her arms around Charlotte and held her. “Warm and slippery; my kind of woman.”

Resting in Joey’s embrace, Charlotte lifted her feet off the bottom. “I could get used to living like this,” she murmured, as Joey slowly drifted her around the pool. They’d made a last minute decision to flee the northern winter and head to Florida. Joey found an advertisement on the Internet for the Rooftop Resort Hotel in Hollywood, Florida, a place that catered to lifestyle living, which included a nude pool on the roof and clothing-optional throughout the hotel. The hotel had about fifty rooms providing a very private, yet casual, atmosphere. Obviously catering to people in the freedom of sexual lifestyle, Rooftop provided an open and tranquil atmosphere to be and do whatever you wanted at the moment. It was close to the beach, but the lack of clothing only could take place within the hotel itself.

“You feeling more relaxed?” Joey asked as she continued to move around the shallow end of the pool.

“I’m very relaxed being with you,”  Charlotte said quietly, as she enjoyed resting in Joey’s arms. “It’s just those moments when I suddenly realize I’m totally naked among strangers that seems to throw me. I guess too many years of being told to cover up my body still rings in my head.”

Joey pulled Charlotte close, squeezing her breast. “Anything that looks as good as you do needs to be naked.”

Charlotte had never been to the clothing-optional environment, so Joey convinced her it was time to break into new territory. She smiled as she thought back to the Charlotte she was a few years ago, knowing she’d come a long way. Married too young to the wrong person almost destroyed her emotionally. She finished law school and filed for divorce the same month. As much as she tried to convince herself it was all her husband’s problem, Charlotte knew she was also at fault. She’d married because her rather religious family expected it. She wanted to simply live together for a while and then decide, but she finally succumbed to the pressure of her parents. That decision plunged her into an abyss that almost sucked the life out of her. By twenty-four she was a divorced woman, thirty pounds overweight, and afraid to ever try relationships again.

Taking a job with a law firm in Manhattan, she left behind her broken life in Philadelphia. After a year of settling in the new job and environment of Manhattan, she finally joined the gym, beginning the long trek back to a healthy body. Getting close to thirty, she now prided herself on her tight stomach and firm ass. Joey convinced her to lighten her hair to pure blonde, a move she was now happy to have made. Joey voiced her opinion that Charlotte’s blue eyes deserved blonde hair, and Charlotte said okay. She was afraid the blonde hair might give her a look of a brainless individual, but Joey also told her if anyone felt that way Charlotte really didn’t need to be his or her friend.

“If I keep fondling you like this,” Joey whispered softly, “I may have to make love to you in the pool.”

Charlotte pulled Joey’s arms tighter around her breasts. “You know I’m a sucker for your smooth lines, so I would probably go along with it. Nevertheless, we may want to behave before we get thrown out.”

 Meeting Joey began a physical transformation and an emotional metamorphosis. She and Joey loved each other deeply and intimately, but both knew they also desired to share their lives with men. Joey had never been married. Her goal was to stay single until she hit thirty and then start to find a permanent relationship with a man.  It was a plan that made sense to Joey, so Charlotte didn’t question it.

Meanwhile, Joey had a large group of close friends and dated quite easily. While Charlotte was still very hesitant about long-term commitment, she’d grown comfortable with dating around until she might discover someone who would change her mind. Being with Joey was a safe place to explore her vastly-improved outlook on life. Having just celebrated their twenty-eighth birthdays, neither of them was rushing into anything.

“I need a drink,” Joey proclaimed as she released Charlotte and swam to the poolside. “I’ll get a couple towels and meet you at the bar. Get me a Corona Lite.”

Charlotte pushed up on the pool ledge and headed toward the bar in the corner. Noticing  the arrival of a few more people, she began to feel a little self-conscious as she walked to the bar totally naked. Most of the other people were either undressed or heading in that direction. Nevertheless, it was still a rather new experience for Charlotte, and one that would take a little more practice. They arrived late Thursday afternoon and discovered most people came Friday through Monday in order to enjoy the long weekend in the sun.

Manny, the bartender, was busily loading up ice and glasses when Charlotte arrived.

“Hey, Charlotte, you through cooking in the sun?”

“Yeah Manny, I think I’m burning my butt and need to get into the shade. Can you fix me two Corona Lite with lime, and a bottle of water?

He smiled and set a bottle of water on the bar. “You guys find something to do last night?”

Charlotte opened the water. “We went across the street for dinner and then just sat around the pool watching the stars.” Actually, she and Joey had partaken of a few too many margaritas at the bar and ended up having a great sexual romp on one of the canopy beds near the pool. She was sure there were others somewhere near them, but the passion and rum worked together to provide a façade of privacy.

Setting the two beers on the bar, Manny said, “Well, tonight will provide more people because Friday and Saturday are party times, so get your rest while you can. Got a great DJ Saturday night, so should be a good weekend.”

Joey walked up and threw the towels on the bar stools. “Whew, it feels a lot better in the shade! Look, I got sunburned on my tits, and I covered them with lotion!”

“See, that’s what you get for making them so big.” Charlotte laughed. Joey had implants about six months ago resulting in breasts that were about two sizes larger. While they were beautiful to look at, Charlotte decided she didn’t like the feel as much and opted out of having it done. She was a nice 34c and happy with that.

“What’s going on tonight, Manny?” Joey asked as she sat on the stool and took a large gulp from her beer.

“Reservations show about thirty new people coming tonight, so should be a good party. We’re going to order pizza for everyone around six; that will give everyone a chance to meet and greet. You guys looking for others or are you just here as a couple?”

“Manny, “Joey said with a grin, “we are into each other and whatever trouble we can find. This is a vacation, it is eighty degrees, and we’re naked. Honey, life is good.”

Looking out over the rooftop of the hotel, watching the waves roll in on the beach, Charlotte smiled. Life is good, she thought, very good.


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